Oct 29-30, 2021 Fort McHenry

The morning dawned stormy, windy and raining so we pulled into the mall next to the Cabela’s for the day.  We visited the mall and spent the day in Rover which is about a good way to spend a rainy day as any.

The next day provided good weather so we drove to Baltimore and went to Fort McHenry.  Fort McHenry is famous for being the fort referred to in the National Anthem.  It is the Star Spangled Banner above Fort McHenry that our most famous song is talking about when the British attacked in 1814 during the War of 1812.  It was quite interesting and informative learning the full story behind our National Anthem.  Most people just sing the song but now we understand the meaning behind the words.

We visited Fort McHenry to learn about the National Anthem.
The fort has been restored to new condition.
Sample of the 13 star American flag
They had a few people in period costume to talk about the fort.
The Fort McHenry Flag like how the British saw it.

Baltimore is not really a tourist city, few people dream of going to Baltimore for their vacations, unless they are from that city so after visiting Fort McHenry we continued on south to visit the Six Flags in Maryland.  This is a quite good Six Flags, large with all the standard Superman, Batman and Joker rides plus a few exclusive rides.  There are also a good number of food choices including an interesting surf and turf option with fish sticks and chicken strips.  The Turkey Legs were better cooked too, more tender and with a good amount of salt.  Not sure why the Turkey Legs vary between park to park since I expect that they all come precooked from a central provider and are just reheated at each park but we have found a difference. 

Six Flags America near Washington DC.

After closing the Six Flags we drove to a nearby Lowes referenced in iOverland for the night.

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