Oct 31-Nov 1, 2021 Halloween!

For Halloween we returned to Six Flag again and spent the entire day there.  As one of the better Six Flags parks it deserved a second day so we could sample more rides and food.  As it got dark we went to a couple of nearby neighborhoods for trick or treating with Olivia dressing up as a black cat.  We didn’t do too much trick or treating since we neither wanted nor had space for a lot of candy but at least Olivia got to do it.

The next day we went to the Washington DC.  Parking in DC is difficult for RV’s.  There are few open air parking lots and we would not fit into any of the (expensive) indoor parking lots.  Instead I booked a week at the Greenbelt Campground which at only 10 miles from DC is the closest campground to the Capital.  It was also very cheap at $20 a night.  The only downside was that the sites did not have water, sewer or electricity but they did have a dump station so it was not a big deal for us.  We lucked out since the Greenbelt Campground reopened on November 1 after being closed for 2 years for road renovations.

In addition we had a number of free Holiday Inn hotel nights that were expiring at the end of the year so I booked three nights at the Holiday Inn Capital Mall which was centrally located and within walking distance of everything.  Parking our rig at the campground worked out well since parking at the hotel would have been over $50 a night, not that we would have been able to use it since we were oversized. 

We went to the campground first where we did a dump and water refill before parking Rover before settling in for night in preparation to go to Washington DC the next morning.





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