Nov 6-7, 2021 Mount Vernon

After all the walking and learning in Washington DC we needed a rest day.  We also had one more night left at the Greenbelt Campground so we drove out to get lunch and get groceries.  We had emptied our fridge before going to DC since we knew we were going to be gone for several days and we were out of food. 

It is a bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach so we went to an all you can eat Hot Pot restaurant called LaTAO Hot Pot a few minutes drive away.  The place was very authentic and even had exotic options such as pig brains although we stuck to normal stuff like slices of beef and lamb.  Filled up we got some groceries at the local supermarket before heading back to our campsite and doing some homeschooling and resting.

The next morning we did a dump and fill before driving to Mount Vernon to see George Washington’s house.  We got to tour his house, see his bedroom where he died and the grounds including the tomb where Washington and his wife are interred.  One interesting thing we learned is that George Washington never had children of his own although he adopted his wife’s kids from her first marriage. The grounds and exhibits were all excellent and they had a great audio tour that brought the various buildings and features to life.  There was also a very nice museum with an uncanny head of George Washington who’s gaze would follow you around as you moved.  There were also lot of displays about his life and achievements. We had dinner in Rover after we finished at Mount Vernon and drove about an hour to spend the night at a Walmart.

Pictures showing how George Washington’s house expanded over time.
The bedrooms were nice, if a bit old fashioned for modern tastes.
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