Dec 29-31, 2021 Beach BBQ

After over a month in Orlando, we felt it was time to move along.  We planned to go to Key West so we could complete a full journey down the eastern United States from the most northern point to the most southern point.  However, things were certain to be crowded and expensive for the holiday so we planned to go slowly. We left Orlando after lunch and drove down to a Cracker Barrel near Jensen Beach, FL. 

We bought the tiniest Webber BBQ and had a nice beach BBQ.

The next day we were in Target looking for sand toys when we saw a tiny gas BBQ and bought it on impulse for $60.  We then went to a local grocery store and blew $140 on shrimp, scallops, Sea Bass, Salmon, oysters and steak.  We then went to Jensen beach to make a bunch of steak kababs and Salmon Kababs.  We then set up on Jenson Beach and had a grand BBQ for dinner.  It was a great idea but the tiny gas BBQ turned out to not be a very good stove with the grill top being too hot but with little heat an inch above the grill top.  Then it got dark and the mosquitoes came out so we had to rush to finish dinner and clean up.  

The next day was New Years Eve but with Florida hitting all time high Covid infections, Olivia’s dislike of fireworks and it not being probably the least kid friendly holiday we decided not do much.  Instead we did laundry and went to a local pool for a little swim before going to another Cracker Barrel a little further south.  We had a celebratory New Year’s dinner in Rover using the rest of the oysters, sea bass, shrimp and scallops from our expensive grocery shopping.  We were all asleep by the time New Year’s rolled around.





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