Alligator Wrestling! Jan 6-8, 2022

Olivia was feeling a little better the next day so we started our drive back up the Keys. On the way up we saw some very cute endangered Key Deer. 

The Key Deer are tiny endangered deer not much bigger than a large dog. SO CUTE!

We also stopped at the Turtle Hospital and took a tour.  This was an educational and informative tour and the tour fees went to rescuing more turtles so it is well worth the stop.  Olivia wasn’t 100% so we just continued back up to Homestead where we spent the night at the same Cracker Barrel as we had before going down to the Keys.

We love to go to educational experiences such as a turtle hospital

The next morning we had just one more thing to do in Southern Florida and that was to visit the Everglades.  We drove to the nearby Everglades Alligator Farm were we got to ride an airboat into the Everglades to look at alligators and birds.  It was a fun ride and the driver did a few fast 360 degree turns.  Afterwards we watch an alligator handling show where we got to hold some baby alligators and finally an alligator feeding show.  The park itself was quite small so we had seen and done everything by lunchtime which suited us just fine as we had a 5 hour drive to get back to Orlando.

The Everglades airboat tour was fun and educational for everyone!
Can’t visit Florida without an Everglades airboat ride!
Olivia got to hold a live baby alligator.
The Alligator park had a lot of alligators!

We got back to Orlando early in the evening and parked at the Walmart near our favorite dump station and closed up for the night.  Olivia was still a little sick and now Holly and I had the sniffle and a bit of a cough as well but pretty mild.

The next day we generally cleaned up, did a dump and refilled water, and laundry before returning to our favorite Cracker Barrel in Kissimmee for the evening.  The cleaning, filling, and laundry pretty much took up our whole day.  All three of us were a little sniffy and sneezing but still very mild and no fever.

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