Tombstone, May 21-22, 2022

It was hot during the day so we spent the day in Rover doing homework.  In the evening we ventured out again after Olivia went to sleep to enjoy the hot springs pools.  The pools themselves are small and not much fun for kids since they are soaking pools.  As Olivia was the only kid at the resort she had no interest in sitting in a hot pool on a hot day with nobody else around.  For us though it was like having a private hot spring pool to enjoy and admire the stars at night.  Normally we would not leave Olivia in the RV by herself but since the pools were only a dozen yards away we felt comfortable making an exception in this case.

The next morning we pulled out and drove to Tombstone.  Self-proclaimed town “too tough to die” Tombstone is immortalized in Western culture by the gunfight at the OK corral.  Today this rough town on the frontier makes it’s living on tourists that come to see the thrice daily gunfight shows.  Although it is a tourist trap, it is still a bit of American history well worth visiting and the gunfight show was funny and entertaining.  Holly discovered a senior center that served a free lunch to seniors. Fortunately, but kinda depressingly their definition of “senior” is someone 50 and above, which I fit. They were kind enough to let Holly and Olivia join too although we left a donation to cover our meals. We even found an excellent RV parking place for just $10 a night.





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