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  • A Big Decision  Jan 9-13, 2022

    A Big Decision Jan 9-13, 2022

    After living in Rover for over 2 years we are starting to feel like a change of pace.  Travel in 2022 looks like it will continue to be challenging.  Covid cases are higher now than anytime in the past.  It is highly unlikely that we will be able to go to China to visit family…

  • December in Orlando

    December in Orlando

    Orlando has proven to be a good place to hang out for a while.  The weather is warm and sunny.  Spent six days visiting all four of Disney’s theme parks, even spending a couple of nights at the newly opened Marriott Swan Reserve Hotel which had Disney perks such as early entrance.  We split the…

  • Nov 22-29, 2021  We Got into a Car Accident!

    Nov 22-29, 2021 We Got into a Car Accident!

    We had planned to find an RV park in Orlando and stay for a month.  We had travelled long and hard surfing the seasons going north for the summer and then back south for the fall and now we were about as south as we could get so it was time to take a break…

  • Nov 17-21, 2021 Orlando!

    Nov 17-21, 2021 Orlando!

    St. Augustine was so cute that it deserved a second day so we returned in the morning and I took Olivia to the Colonial Quarter, a historical area with re-created colonial Spanish era buildings and tours.  We arrived just as they opened so we were the only ones on the first tour of the day. …

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