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  • Palm Springs and Vegas, May 27-29, 2022

    Palm Springs and Vegas, May 27-29, 2022

    The Park Collective was so nice that we returned the next morning for another play session before we left Prescott Valley after lunch.  We drove down the mountain to spend a couple of days in Palm Springs before continuing on to Las Vegas.  The view as we drove down the curvy mountain road from Prescott…

  • Arizona, May 23-26, 2022

    Arizona, May 23-26, 2022

    From Tombstone we drove up to Tucson, Arizona.  It was still quite hot so we just went to a Starbucks for the afternoon and did homeschooling.  Once night cafe and it got cooler we found a nice Cracker Barrel to spend the night. The next day we went to a local library for the day. …

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