Oct 19 Faery Hunt!

October 19, 2019

Today was the day of the big Faery Hunt!  We got up early to get ready and drove to Griffith Park where we checked in.  There were a couple dozen kids, many of whom were also dressed up.  Then the cast of actors and singers led the children around the park on a story about finding the lost Faery Queen.  The cast were dressed up as faeries and goblins and some were quite good singers.  It was very cute and woodsy Griffith Park was a great location.  Olivia and the other kids had a great time and afterwards there was a small Halloween party in the picnic area with sandwiches, snacks, stories and face painting.  I don’t have a lot to say about the Hunt as I think it is best shown in pictures.

I wanted to go up the Griffith Observatory but the parking lot was full so we went to Hollywood Blvd instead.  After a quick walk around we fought traffic down to Anaheim to get to the Orangeland RV park near Disneyland.  Over an hour and half to go 37 miles.  Orangeland RV Park was quite nice with a good pool, kids play area, and best of all only 11 minutes to Disneyland.  We got checked in, hooked up and then dinner, a bit of schoolwork and off to bed.







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  1. Anthony Crissie Avatar
    Anthony Crissie

    Great costumes!

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