Dec 4, The good life in Galveston

Dec 4, 2019

I was planning on going to the Houston Space Center but it had been 3 days since Holly had gotten her tattoo and it was time to take off her bandage and take a shower per their recommendation.  Looking at the RV parks near Houston they were all around $50.  We were about halfway between Houston and Galveston, just 30 minutes’ drive south.  Galveston is located on a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico and a quick internet search showed that RV parks near the beach were also about $50 a night.  Well I would certainly prefer to pay $50 to spend a night next to the beach than at some random city RV park.  Anyway we could always hit the Space Center on our way back to Livingston to pick up our mail. We would also go through Houston one more time going from Livingston to Mexico so we had plenty of opportunity to catch up anything we missed.

We reached Galveston before noon and since we arrived in town early and the RV parks were all about the same price we drove around and checked out four different RV Parks before settling on the Dellanera RV park.  The park was just steps from the beach and had a premium beachside full hook up spot for $54 or a lagoon side RV spot for $45 so I splurged on the premium site which was well worth the money since we had a full ocean view from our RV.

The premium sites was worth the extra few dollars.
We had a fantastic view from our RV spot
And the sunsets were even better!

We hooked up to our site and Olivia insisted we immediately go to the beach so we spent a few hours at the beach playing in the sand in the sunny 72 degree weather.  While at the beach, I enjoyed reading the news about the major snow and rainstorm in California that closed Interstate 5 just north of Los Angeles.  7 feet of snow in Tahoe in 24 hours.    Life is good. 

Olivia enjoyed getting to play on the beach again.

After playing on the beach we all got our much needed showers and enjoyed the sunset while having dinner before doing our usual routine of schoolwork and bed.

Holly made another delicious meal of beef stew and snap peas.







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  1. Angelo Avatar

    Galveston looks beautiful!!

    I’m so glad that you are able to pursue your dreams and spend time together as a family!

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