Dec 17, Rest Day.

Dec 17, 2019

We were planning to leave today to start heading south towards Mexico.  The nights are getting very chilly at 37 degrees.  However the day was sunny and warm, there were kids for Olivia to play with and at $7.50 a night it was cheap so we decided to stay an extra day.  We didn’t do much, caught up on our writing a bit, cleaned up a bit, did some laundry and schoolwork but basically we just hung around and rested in preparation for a few travelling days.

I took the opportunity to do some more research on Mexico and bought our auto insurance online through Baja Bound.  I got the Chubb platinum policy for $568 for six month’s coverage.  US auto insurance does not work in Mexico so we have to get Mexican auto insurance.  Many people just get the minimum legally required liability insurance which would have been really cheap at $200 for six months but I went with the full comprehensive insurance because Rover costs us over $65K and we would be rather upset if we totaled him the first week in Mexico and we didn’t have insurance.  On the other hand we would be dealing with a foreign insurance company in a foreign country so I wasn’t sure what we would do if the insurance company decided to just jack us around.  Trying to deal with insurance companies in the US is bad enough but I shudder to think of trying to deal with insurance company in a foreign language.  In the end at less than $200 a month I decided that it was worth trying.  I set the Auto insurance start date for Sat, Dec 21. Figuring it would take us two days to drive the 6 hours to the Mexican border and spend a day by the border before crossing the next morning.  Then we would drive quickly away from the dangerous border area and try to reach Monterrey, Mexico the same day.







3 responses to “Dec 17, Rest Day.”

  1. Wei Avatar

    Be safe when you make it to Mexico! It’s a different world over there !

    1. Hin Avatar

      Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Wei Avatar

    You welcome ! Miss your family !!

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