Dec 19, Busted iPad

Dec 19, 2019

Our destination for the day was Port Aransas near Corpus Christi.  Lonely Planet said it was one of the prettiest seaside towns in Texas and it was halfway between Houston and the border.  However we found that our ipad was not charging.  Checking on the internet I found that the First Colony Mall was the last Apple Store south to the border so first thing in the morning we returned to the First Colony Mall.  Unfortunately the Apple Store Genius bar did not open until 10 AM.  Once it opened it was not too long before I got a tech to take a look at the ipad.  He ran a few tests and declared that the charging port was broken.  There wasn’t really a repair for this but he could replace our ipad mini with a refurbished unit of the same three year old model for $299.  Well that was a no brainer since I had recently seen advertisements for brand new current model ipads for $329 with over 10 times the storage.  I hopped online and found that I could order one on to be picked up free the next day to a Walmart in Aransas Pass right before Port Aransas.

The terrain around Houston reminded me of Louisiana and was very different from the flat plains around Fort Worth or the desert of El Paso.

Between the late start, three and a half hour drive, stopping to make lunch we didn’t get down to that area before late afternoon.  We stopped at the Walmart in Aransas pass to spend the night and pick up the ipad the next morning before taking the scenic car ferry over to Port Aransas.







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    Hey Hin! It is Carrie from SNAHC 🙂 Just wanted to say hi! Hope you are having a wonderful time!

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