Jan 29, A Night on the Town.

January 29, 2020

We arranged go out that evening with Deya and her husband Ramses.  They had a nanny who could watch over the kids so this was going to be a rare night out for us.  We don’t expect too many adult nights out as we normally would not have anyone to watch Olivia so this was going to be a special occasion.

We went to school as usual before going to Deya’s house at 5:00 pm.  She lived in a condo at up on the hills above central San Miguel, the same place we had gone to the birthday party.  The condo complex looked nice but Deya informed us that it was actually poorly constructed.  She pointed out another condo where the balcony collapsed while being inspected by an architect hired by the owner, killing the architect.  Deya’s own condo was at the bottom of a steep hill and had been completely flooded out in a rainstorm. For the last year Deya had been living in a temporary condo nearby while she fought it out with the developers who were trying to pass off some shoddy repairs and refusing to pay for all her lost possessions and furniture.

Deya’s temporary condo looked like a nice modern, two bedroom unit with a large balcony and all the usual amenities.  Deya introduced us to her nanny who had had been taking care of Deya’s kids since they were babies and apparently visited from Mexico City, a five hour drive, to visit the kids and take care of them for free occasionally. Olivia promptly disappeared to play with Deya’s daughter Valentina and we got ready to go. We had arrived thinking to have dinner with them but we had forgotten that they have a large lunch at 3 and usually didn’t have dinner.  No big deal, anyplace that had drinks and entertainment was likely to have food too. 

Deya offered us some interesting rice candy that looked like a paper fan.

We walked from Deya’s place to Central where they asked around to see if there was anyplace that had live music.  Turn’s out that Deya and her husband didn’t often go out either although I don’t know why if they got a free nanny dropping visiting to watch the kids. They quickly found a Spanish Tapa’s place that had live American Country music of all things.  They also had two for one margaritas, mojitos and wine.  Perfect.

Holly ordered a margarita and a mojito thinking that they would just charge her for one of the drinks but got two margarita’s and two mojitos.  This was extra fun since I don’t drink alcohol so Holly was going to have to drink them all.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I am allergic to alcohol.  You know that fun, happy, buzzed feeling you get from drinking alcohol before the tired, nauseous, pounding headache feeling when you drink too much?  I don’t get that fun, happy, buzzed felling and go straight to the tired, nauseous, pounding headache feeling after drinking.  After two drinks, I turn red and start breaking out.  Since I am allergic, I never acquired a taste for alcohol either so it all just tastes terrible. 

Holly, on the other hand turns into a very festive, happy drunk although she claims that she has never been drunk in her life because she has always remembered what happened during the party.  By her definition, if you don’t black out or of have memory loss, you aren’t really drunk.  Anyways, I got a coke and ordered a smoked salmon on bruschetta and some Calamari.  The food was actually quite good but quite expensive at full US prices.

We all had a great night out. It had been our first night out without Olivia in a very long time

As the night wore on, Holly got more happy and started trying to speak more Spanish and interestingly enough her Spanish got better as the night went on.  More drinks were drunk, more food was ordered, and things got louder. Lucky for us there were only four or five other customers in the they all joined in the party too.

It was a good thing the restaurant did not have many customers because we were loud and crazy.
Holly and Deya.

We all stayed until midnight, when the bar closed.  It was 12:30 in the morning before we got back to Deya’s house.  Deya’s kids had gone to sleep but Olivia was still gamely awake waiting for us.  That is one of the great things about Olivia is that she is very flexible and generally doesn’t get grumpy or melt down when it gets late or if there are time changes.  Anyway we bundled her into the taxi which brought us all home and went straight to bed.







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    You look so beautiful holly ! I just LOVE your dark tanned skin !

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