March 22, Our Regularly Scheduled Posts Will Resume After This Pandemic.

March 22, 2020

Although there has been no governmental action in Mexico with the President of Mexico in complete denial of the situation we have considered ourselves in lockdown since March 20.  Although there are only a few hundred official cases in Mexico and only two confirmed cases in Oaxaca, the actual numbers are certainly higher since Mexico has been remarkably lax in testing for the Coronovirus. Soon, the shoe will drop in Mexico and they will lock down the country just like so many other nations have. 

We considered getting an Airbnb for a couple of months.  This would be safer as we would be completely isolated and we would have more living space.  However, we didn’t want an apartment or condo as then we would still be near others.  We wanted a house with a yard and at least two bedrooms.  While junky houses can rent for as little as USD$400 a month, nice places are running $1,200 a month which is a lot higher than the $240 a month we pay at the RV park. 

We are settling down to our daily life in the RV park which consists of mostly of doing school work with Olivia, watching the news, relaxing, chatting with the other residents (from a safe distance away of course) and lounging in the pool.  The RV park owners have arranged to have a vegetable truck deliver fruits and vegetables twice a week so we don’t have to go out shopping as much.  Walmart and Amazon both deliver to the RV Park.  Frankly we don’t have much need to go out of the RV park. 

I am looking forward to a few months of hanging out at the RV Park.  I believe that with the limited number (about 30) people in the RV park and no new arrivals we should be pretty safe.  After two or three weeks isolated together we really wouldn’t need to worry too much about social distancing either. We got good weather, a nice pool, food and other amenities delivered and the rent is inexpensive.  We will stay here until the whole Pandemic is over before continuing our travels. 

I expect our days will be a bit like Groundhog Day, repeating homeschooling, resting, swimming in the pool, chatting with the other people in the park (from a distance!), cooking and cleaning.  I hope to be able to catch up on some of my computer games.  It wouldn’t make much sense to keep a daily journal of lazing around for a few months so I am pausing this blog until we get ready to travel again.  However if anything interesting does happen I will put up a special update. 







2 responses to “March 22, Our Regularly Scheduled Posts Will Resume After This Pandemic.”

  1. Angelo Gordillo Avatar
    Angelo Gordillo

    Hey Or family! This is Angelo, Wendy, Leila, Caius and Aria. We are currently in Sedona, AZ and were thinking about you great people! We’re happy to hear that you are safe and sound in MX. We’re hoping that you are enjoying the time with family and having some downtime to just be. Take care and we hope to see you again soon!

    1. Hin Avatar

      Hi Angelo and all, Great to hear from you. We hope that you and yours are doing OK as well!

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