Oct 1-2, 2021 BOSTON!

After our usual morning homeschooling we drove to the nearby Susan’s Fish & Chips for our final meal in Maine.  This is an unpretentious seafood place in a former garage.  Holly wanted to try their fish and chips while I wanted one last lobster roll, this time warm and plain with just melted butter.  Holly liked her fish and chips and while the warm lobster roll was good, I think I prefer the classic cold lobster roll with mayo.

Lunch finished we drove down to a Walmart about an hour from Boston where we pulled in for the night.

The next morning we drove into Boston and of course our first stop was Chinatown.  Boston has a small but legit Chinatown, complete with a China Gate and groups of old Chinese people in the park gambling. 

Our first stop in Boston was Chinatown of course

We got lunch in Chinatown and then drove to a nearby parking lot shown in iOverlander which offered 24 hour parking on the weekends for just $5 and on weekdays for $25.  This is really good for a spacious parking lot just a few minutes’ walk from most of the attractions downtown.

We found a nice parking lot within walking distance of all the attractions. It even had a nice container next to us to provide more privacy.

After getting settled in we walked to Boston Commons where Olivia got a chance to play for a while at the playground there. 

Boston Commons has a pretty nice playground
It also has some whimsical art such as these frogs

Next we explored Beacon Hill with all it’s fancy old brick houses and cobbled stone streets.  Finally we arrived at the Union Oyster House, the oldest continuously operated restaurant in the United States.  House in building over 300 years old, the Union Oyster House has been open since 1826 and is a National Historic Landmark.  These days it is a bit touristy, known more for its history rather than it’s food which is a bit on the high side.   We tried the clam chowder which tasted a lot like Campbell’s canned clam chowder and Ye Old Seafood Platter which had fried shrimp, clams, calamari, oyster and fish topped with onion rings.  The Seafood Platter was a perfectly reasonable platter of fried seafood but that was about it.  Still it was a nice eating at a bit of history as the building was there before there was even a United States.

The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in the United States
We had the classic clam chowder and mixed seafood fry
They had live lobsters too.

On the way back to Rover we came across a really cool lighted water feature too.

We found this cool lighted fountain while walking through Boston
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