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  • Oct 3-4, 2021 The Freedom Trail

    Oct 3-4, 2021 The Freedom Trail

    We actually got up at a reasonable hour and took an Uber to the USS Constitution.  Built in 1797 the USS Constitution is the oldest active naval ship still afloat and it is one of the original ships of the US Navy.  It is still listed as a fully active ship of the US Navy…

  • Oct 1-2, 2021 BOSTON!

    Oct 1-2, 2021 BOSTON!

    After our usual morning homeschooling we drove to the nearby Susan’s Fish & Chips for our final meal in Maine.  This is an unpretentious seafood place in a former garage.  Holly wanted to try their fish and chips while I wanted one last lobster roll, this time warm and plain with just melted butter.  Holly…

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