Oct 7-8, 2021 Vermont!

One of the main reasons we were in New England was to see the fall foliage and we had been carefully monitoring the weather and status of the color change.   Go too early and everything is still green.  Go too late and the leaves are all on the ground.  There is only a few week window to see the prime fall foliage and it was finally time to leaf peeping.  We had purchased a Gypsy Guide tour of Vermont which would guide us along the scenic route 100 byway so we drove to Wilmington, VT where the tour started and on up along route 100 to the our first stop at the Vermont Country Store.

The Vermont Country Store is a worthwhile stop

Along the way it was obvious that we were indeed coming at exactly the right time as the colors of the hills and forests where in spectacular shades of red, yellow, brown and green.  The Vermont Country Store is a surprisingly large store in the small town of Weston and full of stuff every tourist needs from clothes, souvenirs, cookware, and a ton of sweets.  It has a surprisingly cute country vibe and is a favorite stop for tour buses going through Vermont.  This meant that they had a large parking lot, perfect for us.

The Vermont Country Store is an unimpededly huge, folksy stop in rural Vermont

The next day the weather was perfect, sunny and warm.  We continued our trip along route 100 and it was exactly what we expected New England in fall to be.  The guide took us to a small Benedictine Monastery in the mountains with a lovely lake backed by colorful fall trees.  Everywhere we looked was beautiful with green pastures and gorgeous fall scenery. 

In Southern Vermont the trees were just starting to turn color
The scenery was really beautiful
As we drove north the fall colors really started to pop

That afternoon we found a secluded free camping site hidden along a very narrow road, next to a bubbling stream.  It was perfect and inspired Holly to cook an extra fancy meal.

We found this excellent quiet, secluded parking spot in the woods.
We were surrounded by woods all around
The road to our campsite.
Holly was inspired by our beautiful surroundings to cook a fancy meal.





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