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  • Oct 11-13, 2021 Apple Picking

    Oct 11-13, 2021 Apple Picking

    We completed our tour of route 100 by going through the Smuggler’s Notch pass which was actually used to smuggle freed slaves before the Civil War to Canada, alcohol from Canada to the US during Prohibition, and finally used by conscientious objectors to the Vietnam War to escape to Canada. Now it is a very…

  • Oct 9-10, 2021 Enjoying the Vermont Foliage

    Oct 9-10, 2021 Enjoying the Vermont Foliage

    We woke among the trees and continued our drive.  It would have been nice to stay in our hidden nook for an extra day but our fresh water was getting low and we needed to keep moving.  It was another day of driving through the fall colors and we stopped by a cute little waterfall…

  • Oct 7-8, 2021 Vermont!

    Oct 7-8, 2021 Vermont!

    One of the main reasons we were in New England was to see the fall foliage and we had been carefully monitoring the weather and status of the color change.   Go too early and everything is still green.  Go too late and the leaves are all on the ground.  There is only a few week…

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